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Atlanta Traffic Sucks!!!

Surviving the Roads of The Chocolate City

The Journal of Atlanta's Road Warriors
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Live in Atlanta? Traveled through Atlanta? Are you one of the many Road Warriors who travel this fair city every morning and night? Well, feel free to leave your rantings and ravings. Have something good to say about Atlanta traffic, well, you're probably in the minority, but we like to hear those too! BTW, if you're offended by vulgar language, then this is not the community for you. All "vulgar" language is encouraged allowing Atlanta drivers a place to vent.

The first rule I've got for this community is BE NICE TO EACH OTHER! We deal with enough problems on the road, so if you want to be an ass go somewhere else. If I get a complaint about you I'll ban you from this journal. 'Nuff said.

The second rule is make sure your post is related to Atlanta (including Metro) traffic. If it's unrelated I will delete the post and will ask you to refrain from such posts. If you post something unrelated again, I will ban you. Sorry to be harsh about this, but there are other communities for your posts.

I hate rules. Don't create reasons for more rules.

Below are some links you may find useful:

Write to Congress About Our Traffic Problems