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Atlanta Traffic Sucks!!!
Surviving the Roads of The Chocolate City
Speedy Speedy Speedy over everybodies feety........ 
12th-Sep-2008 04:00 pm
Listen Cobb county drivers-I know you are upset because your county chose to charge for gas if they pull you over. That does not mean you should start using the 400 corridor as your speedway. Please note. The speed limit around the perimeter is 55. I know you don't like it. I know you think because I drive a cool sports car that I am going to be going 80. I know you think this when you get behind me and ride my ass. I know you get all pissy when you almost clip me as you swing around in front of me. I know you are from Cobb because the several who did this had Cobb County plates.
Please unglue the cell phone from your head. Use your blinker. Mind the speed limit.
ON and PS. The bitches in their white cadillac SUV's that are up here at Mansell for the Ovarian Cancer walk. GET OVER YOURSELF. I know you are doing a good thing but your driving does not compensate for it.
13th-Sep-2008 03:56 pm (UTC)
As long as you're in the right lane, they should go around you. Slower traffic keep right -- doesn't take into account any speed limits. Georgia law also requires you to drive a speed that is safe among other cars, so if you are driving too slow, you can be ticketed for sticking to the speed limit (personal experience on that).

It's not a Cobb thing, either. When I drive down 75 out of Cobb, we're doing 65-70. It's just a feature of the Georgia Autobahn, and our beltway, to be 80-90mph. I've been pushed over by Harrilson county people, Fulton people, and one Dekalb truck that wasn't going to wait for a truck-sized gap to merge.

This is why I tend to avoid 285 on the top end anywhere from Riverside to Lavista.
13th-Sep-2008 05:24 pm (UTC) - the point went flying over your head
OMG it's in your hair...get it out..LOL..
SERIOUSLY. If you read up there you will see that everyone who did that clippy go around was from COBB county. ALSO I am in a sports car so maybe I reluctantly did not share that I was going 70 well up until it randomly drops to 55 and there is ALWAYS a cop there. Except for yesterday. I do not think it is acceptable to be driving 80-90 MPH on any congested expressway. I was going with the flow of traffic and the people who almost clipped me-almost caused accidents when we got around 285.
UNFORTUNATELY I can not avoid the 400 corridor as
a)I live right off the exit
b)It is a direct shot to Piedmont Hospital.

I will give you this. In hindsight it was probably the insane gas pandemonium causing driver insanity.
14th-Sep-2008 02:41 am (UTC)
Dude just drive with the flow of traffic and you should be fine! A cop told me to just drive with the main flow and they won't pull you over so if you're in a mid to more right lane just keep up with the dude in front of you!
14th-Sep-2008 02:41 am (UTC)
I also hate the dumb ass perimeter speed of 55 in this damn city! WTF?!
14th-Sep-2008 03:30 am (UTC) - Apparently
you missed the part where I said I was driving 70. WTF is to keep shitheads from running each other over.
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