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Atlanta Traffic Sucks!!!
Surviving the Roads of The Chocolate City
Yo Paco! Nice Taco. 
25th-Sep-2007 04:38 pm
The crap people do to their vehicles never ceases to amaze me...

Yesterday on my way down to class, I came up behind a beater of a Toyota pickup. The owner, cool dude that he is, had popped the first two and last to letters off of the manufacturer's plate everywhere it appeared, changing his Toyota into a mere 'yo'. We've all seen this before...but this particular Yo used to be a Tacoma...and if you pop the last two letters off of that, your Toyota Tacoma turns into a Yo Taco.

But driving the only Yo Taco in town wasn't enough for our hero Paco...it wasn't truly distinctive without a hood ornament. And not just any hood ornament...but a 'Winged Victory' hood ornament from a Rolls.

And the final touch, to make the Taco truly Pacoriffic? The hood ornament wasn't even on the centerline; it was offset about three inches to the right.

So...yeah. If you see a tan Yo Taco with a poorly-installed hood ornament, feel free to laugh and point. I sure did!
26th-Sep-2007 01:53 pm (UTC)
Some years ago, I was driving down the Connector one day behind a small, white Mitsubishi pick-up truck. This truck had the manufacturer's name emblazoned across the tailgate, except that the owner had removed the first s, the second i, and the second s.


It probably would have worked better if he had found a question mark sticker to add to the end.
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